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image of glaze test chips

Learn how to make your own glazes, from scratch, without needing to know the Periodic Table and the Unity Formula.  In this hands-on class at The Clay Underground, you will learn about:

  • glaze ingredients
  • glaze terminology
  • glaze recipes
  • measuring
  • line blends
  • testing glazes
  • creating your own glaze variants


During the class, students will create their own glaze tests based on pre-printed recipes with color variations.  Students will receive glazemaking materials and tools to keep (see below).  A deposit, either through EventBrite or by check, is required to register for the class.


Saturday, August 17, 2013
10:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Full workshop details and registration:

About the Instructor
Josh “Fuzzy Chef” Berkus

Josh Berkus is a ceramicist of 30 years experience, including studying with Paul Soldner at Scripps College.  He has been making his own glazes since 1990, including high-fire, mid-fire, salt, soda and raku glazes.  He currently works out of studio #11 at The Clay Underground in San Francisco.

Workshop Details & Registration