About TCU

The Clay Underground provides a place for exploring creativity through clay and the ceramic process, by promoting broad access to the ceramic arts.

Classes for All Ages

Classes and outreach programs are geared to all levels of interest and proficiency.

New classes begin every 6 weeks.

Man glazing ceramic cup with paintbrush

Private Studios

Individual Studio spaces are available for rent on an ongoing monthly basis.

24/7 Studio Passes

Our 24/7 Open Studio Pass includes 24-hour access and full use of the communal space and equipment.

Contact Us

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Find Us

Please Note that end of June 2016 will mark the closing of the Eddy Street chapter of The Clay Underground.

All our energy is currently focused on finding a new home in San Francisco.
Please sign up for our newsletter in order to be amongst the first to hear the location announcement of our new home.


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